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John F. Humphrey 1919-2012 - this website was www.Humco.ME aka http://www.Humco.ME

John F. Humphrey 1919-2012

This memorial website was created to honor John F. Humphrey, to initially announce the Memorial/Luncheon that was subsequently held May 21, 2012 on Harbor Island in San Diego, and to describe the subsequent final placement service that occurred that afternoon at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery in Point Loma, California.  Included is a biography of his impressive life and written comments from readers in several sections.

Note that the original web address for this site was http://www.Humco.ME but that shortcut address for the site is no longer online. Other than this paragraph, everything else you find here is identical to what was on that site. Since so many people still view this site, we have no plans to remove it so feel free to pass this longer address on to anyone you think might be interested: humco.wordpress.com

Honor Guard at Memorial

Honor Guard at Memorial


16 Responses to Home Page

  1. Terese Charlson says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with your family! I have many wonderful memories of Dori an I spending time in the local mountains with Mr. Humphry teaching us how to hike up an down the sandy terrains…
    All the neighborhoos kids loved it when he brought home samples of the newest skateboards and the sit down flexiboard…we were all so cool riding up and down the hills of Mt Soledad….he brought so much excitement to the teenagers.
    Just imagine at 16 years old, hanging out with Dori and taking off riding in the back country in the off road beetle volkswagon, those tires were huge….we were so excited when Mr Humphrey let us go cruising and of course all the guys were jealous….so many happy times!
    Love an Hugs,

  2. Priscilla and Bob says:

    What an amazing man! How proud you all must be of who is was and what he accomplished. May all this remain in your fond memories. Thank you for sharing his story with us. Our best to your family..love. Priscilla and Bob

  3. Anne Wiley says:

    Thank you Terese for sharing your memories of our Dad and how he enhanced your young life! I love reading what you remember of him, how he brought some Life in to the neighborhood, and encouraged the Joy of exploring the outdoors to you. It stimulates my images of that time and I think how sweet it would be for him to know about that. Thanks 🙂

  4. Linda Rose Locklear says:

    What a wonderful legacy and memory for your family. He was a very lovely and dignified man.
    Much love to your family – Lindarose

  5. Lalli Dana says:

    Dear sweet Anne,

    It seems your father’s oldest daughter is quite how she remembers him:
    accomplished, brave, and kind. . . . a tower of sweet strength and
    impressed all who knew [her].

    Love to you on this special day! Thanks for sending me this!

    Let’s get together once you’re back home and ready!

    Lalli Dana

  6. Roy Gulick says:

    I met John Humphrey in 1943 in Pensacola, Florida, while he was dating my first cousin, Betty Ann Briggs (later Bette), whom he later married. I visited and talked with John many times during the intervening years, and I always enjoyed his pleasant company. In 1964 he gave one of his first new skateboard productions to my son, Trip.

    John was a fine man who always, always, had a smile on his face. I treasure that memory.
    I send my best wishes and love to his family. – Roy Gulick

  7. Claudia Holland says:

    This is a lovely tribute to your father, Terry. He had a full life and I remember him being a very kind and gentle man. His accomplishments touched many and I thought his willingness to research my dad’s family tree was very generous.

    Love to you and your family. Claudia and Bill

  8. Dear Anne and John,

    Just read your email regarding your Father’s Memorial. So sorry to hear that he is gone as I always thought he was a remarkable man and you were so lucky to have such a great Dad! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Wish I could give you lots of hugs right now as I really treasure you as a great friend and share your sorrow.

    I will be calling you when you are back in Santa Barbara.

    Love you guys and miss you so much!

    Bob and Georgia

  9. Marty Clements says:

    I only had the pleasure of meeting John once, but we spoke on many occasions. My prayers are with your family. It was a real joy for my kids to finally meet “Granpa John” a few years ago. He will be missed.
    Marty Clements, Kaitlin Louk, Dillon Louk, Meagan Louk

  10. Miriam Satein says:

    wow he still looked like the man I recall yet not….today was the memorial….I am sure it was a rewarding time for you and your family….I am so glad to be in the loop…..so,sooner then 6 months…o.k. ? to both of us….sooner then 6 months

  11. Toni & Joe says:

    Dear Anne,

    We were so sorry to hear about your Dad. Deepest sympathy to you both.


    Toni & Joe

  12. Robb Louk says:

    John had a significant impact on my life. He conducted himself with grace and dignity and showed kindness to me and my family when it was not expected. He never asked me for anything, but gave so much in return.

  13. I hope that i do not offend anyone by sharing my comments about Mr. Humphrey. He was my mentor, my educator and I had the very good fortune of ‘growing up’ in his business, Custom Box and Packaging. I ended up managing it for him and was there for 15 years before moving on to my own adventure, but the learning experience I had with him and the guidance he provided were immeasurable. I am very sorry for his family’s loss. John Chandler

  14. Anne Wiley says:

    Hello John Chandler,
    We were delighted to find your comment on our Dad’s webpage today! It is an honor to know of your appreciation of our Dad’s mentoring and guidance. He always appreciated your impressive contributions to his company. Thank you for commenting 🙂

    • Thank you for the kind words. I ‘grew up’ with Mr. Humphrey and it was a very difficult (and scary) decision to leave Custom Box. I wish good healing for your entire family and I know he will be greatly missed. John

  15. Claude W. Hawkins Jr. says:

    I first met John in 1942 during Naval Training classes. I was 18, had passed the saltwater floatation but began to sink in the freshwater pool test (can’t swim) when John held me up by my shoulders. After my training in machine-maintenance & gunnery classes, I got to fly as bow gunner with the best pilot in the Navy. We left Guadalcanal to track a typhoon. As we flew through its eye, we could see & feel the waves crashing into the bottom of our wings and when we flew to the other side, no one could see through the wind & rain. John’s top-notch instinct got us through it. He later made a fighter plane out of our B-24 to shoot down a “Betty”. Our plane vibrated & shook from the maximum stress it endured. Its name was “You Got It” and we only flew her four times before the Jap “Tale-end-Charlie” bombed it to pieces on Guadalcanal’s runway. But, we were able to reminisce during the 104’s reunions in San Diego and Oregon (1985).
    He will be missed! Claude W. Hawkins Jr.

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