Military Awards

•Air Medal
•Distinguished Flying Cross
•Presidential Unit Citation (twice)
•American Defense Service Medal
•Asiatic-Pacific Area Campaign Medal
•American Area Campaign Medal

6/8/45 DFC Ceremony

6/8/1945 Distinguished Flying Cross, presented to Lt. John F. Humphrey by N.A.S. Patuxent River Commanding Officer, Captain Storrs

1/9/1944 Recommendation for Award

Date: 9 January, 1944
From: The Commander Bombing Squadron 104
To: The Commander South Pacific
Subject: Recommendation for award for distinguished service.

1. Lt. John F. Humphrey, USNR, and his crew of a search Liberator have engaged in a total of 45 combat search missions over enemy waters at great distances from the Squadron’s base for a total of 408 flying hours. These missions include both day and night operations and were conducted regardless of weather conditions, which in many instances grounded all but search aircraft. On a number of these missions engagements with enemy units have ensued. A synopsis of these follows:
(A) Sept.2, 1943. Was a member of a strike group operating with Army units, against enemy land installations at Kahili Airdrome. The strike was successful in spite of intense heavy calibre anti-aircraft fire and fighter opposition.
(B) Sept.4, 1943. Participated in a strike against Vila Airdrome despite heavy calibre anti-aircraft fire.
(C) Sept.29, 1943. While on routine search mission, intercepted, engaged, and shot down one Mitsubishi Mk 01 twin engine bomber, at a distance of 350 miles from the home base.
(D) Nov.4, 1943. While on a reconnaissance mission off Kapingamarangi Island, located then bombed and strafed from masthead height one enemy AVF, leaving that vessel enveloped in flames. While thus engaged, the flight was attacked by 8 enemy float fighters, which were beaten off in a fifteen minute running engagement. Although the airplane was badly damaged, and three crew members wounded, the flight returned safely to its base, approximately 700 miles distant.
(E) Jan.1, 1944. While in routine search, located and thoroughly strafed two enemy barges at the Green Islands, approximately 45 miles from his home base.

2. For extraordinary achievement and heroism in those many missions, it is recommended that the Distinguished Flying Cross be conferred upon Lt. John F. Humphrey.

Citation (1/9/1944)

For heroism and extraordinary achievement as commander of a Liberator engaged in search and strike missions at great distances over enemy waters, Lt. John F. Humphrey, USNR, has participated in more than 45 combat missions and has been instrumental in the destruction of one enemy seaplane tender and one enemy medium bomber, and damage to two enemy barges. His courage, skill, and daring in the above missions are in keeping with the highest traditions of the Naval Service.

3/27/44 Medal Recommendation Letter

3/27/1944 Medal Recommendation Letter from squadron VPB-104 Commander to Pacific Fleet Commander

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